New! Digital LED Posters

Our New State-Of-The-Art video poster displays. These are high-resolution displays that
can be used in a variety of ways. Can be used as a single display for lobby and event advertising
or trade shows for product sales and introductions. Get creative and daisy-chain them together
to create an awesome display that will draw the attention of customers. The capabilities are
endless from static images to video. Contact us today to see how these displays can change
your presentation with a big impact.
LED Video Poster Display Information

Pixel: 2.5mm
Display Size (H x L) 77” x 23”
Color frame 7 Different Color Frames
Weight 80 Lbs
Brightness =1200 nits

Viewing angle H160°/V160°
Refresh rate >3600Hz
Signal output HDMI
Control mode Network / WIFI / 3G
Supports video files MPEG / H.264