New! Digital LED Posters

Our New State-Of-The-Art video poster displays. These are high-resolution displays that can be used in a variety of ways. Can be used as a single display for lobby and event advertising or trade shows for product sales and introductions. Get creative and daisy-chain them together to create an awesome display that will draw the attention of customers. The capabilities are endless from static images to video. Contact us today to see how these displays can change your presentation with…

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LED Viewing Distances Explained

LED VIEWING DISTANCES EXPLAINED LED video walls express the size and distance between pixels as pitch. A larger “pixel pitch” indicates that the size and distance between pixels are larger and less dense. Often, this is mistakenly expressed as screens with smaller pitches being good, and larger pitches being described as bad. The better way to look at it, is to ask ” What pixel pitch is best for my project?” The closer your audience is to the screen the…

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The Environment Matters

ICE CREATIVE LED ENVIRONMENTAL DISPLAYS What it means to be eco-friendly is different for each of us.   We define it as the act of living with intention and focusing on reducing our negative impact on the environment. To live with respect for our shared world. ICE Creative LED works hard to reduce the environmental impact of the trade show industry. Using LED video walls to deliver your branding is the first step. ICE Creative LED video walls are used…

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